Customized Healthcare for Your Specific Needs

  Zereh Chiropractic  

Posture Correction at Zereh Chiropractic

Symptomatic Care

Pain relieve

Acute Care

Posture Correction Chronic care of the spine

 Corrective Care 

Re-alignment of the Spine

Chronic Care

Wellness Care

Monthly Check ups 

Maintenance Care


Therapy for acute chronic and wellness care with active and passive treatment

Passive Care

Passive Care 

active care of the spine

Active Care

Active Care

Passive Care:
1. Mechanical Traction
2. Inversion
3. Zero Gravity Chair
4. Electrostimulation & Interferential 
5. Ultrasound
6. Massage
7.  Biomechanical Stimulation (BMS)

Active Care:
1.  Neuromuscular Re-education
2.  Therapeutic Exercise
3.  Manual Therapy
4.  Trigger Point Therapy
5.  Postural correction treatment
6.  K-Laser Therapy

supplements to compliment therapy



k-laser therapy of at the body

1.  Edema/Inflammation
2.  Pain Reduction
3.  Soft Tissue Injury
4.  Treatment for specific area