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9/2/2024 LABOR DAY

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Ariana H., Hayward

“...She immediately was able to pin point all my pain points which is heaven sent. She even found weak spots I didn't know I had. Popped my shoulder back into place and send me on my way to the massage table. Love love love her service can't wait for my next appointment Monday!."

Alvin L., San Jose

"...The massage chair is epic!
Love falling asleep with my AirPods on to some Lofi music.
Best part of getting off work is getting adjusted in the evening and going home to relax.
Appreciate you guys and see you soon"

Kayla H., San Francisco

“Amazing chiropractor. So talented. I've seen a lot of different doctors for same issue but Dr. Zereh has been the only one to really help me. She specializes in neck adjustments, and you can tell. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for chiropractic care.”

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