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Dr. Reema Zereh, B.S., D.C.

National Board Certified Chiropractor

Certified Wellness Practitioner

Certified K-Laser Practitioner

Upper Cervical, Full Spine & Extremity Practitioner 

Dr. Reema Zereh Started Chiropractic School In January Of 2000 And Graduated June 2003. 

 She Did Her Preceptorship At Smallie Chiropractic In Stockton. 

Subsequently, She Received Her License And Was Ready To Start Her Own Practice Summer Of 2004.

To Keep Up To Date Dr Reema Zereh Is Actively Enrolled In Functional Medicine University And Has Been Attending Seminars/Webinars On Weekly Basis.

Hello Dr. Reema Zereh here! 


I have a passion to help people like yourself lead healthier and happier lifestyles.


I have dedicated my life to finding natural solutions to health problems.


I have been a member of the prestigious Doctors Speakers Bureau, a National non-profit organization, composed of providers who educate their communities on Wellness and disease prevention.


I have received advanced training in Upper Cervical, nutrition, functional medicine, stress reduction, rehab techniques, and methods to improve body function.


I consider myself an expert on this topic due to the number of patients I have helped and the amount of study I have done on the subject over 2 decades.


Please watch our patient testimonies and see how we have changed their lives for good. Zereh Protocol, I have revolutionized patient care with our program and we could change your life and perhaps the lives of others you know. 


So let’s start! 


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